Photo Gallery

171012-Workshop on a LabVIEW by Mr. Vijay

170413-Workshop-Fundamentals of Wireless Communication Systems- Sagar Patel-Dharmendra Chauhan-Rajat Pandey

170406-Workshop on Latex-Prof. Pradip Panchal & Dr. Hiren Mewada

170331-Expert Talk-Interaction with Swastik Chaudhary GATE 2017 AIR 295 -Swastik Chaudhary


170325-Expert Talk-Mobile Broadband System LTE and LTE Advanced-Dr. Y. N. Trivedi‚Äč

170322-Expert Talk-An Overview of Process Control System and Stability analysis with Bode and Root locus plots- Dr. Manish Thakker

170315-Special Talk-Digital Payments-V. P. Tank & M. S. Manavadaria

170314-Workshop-CMOS Integrated Circuit Design Using Cadence Design Flow

170311-Workshop-Websites Design Using Google Sites-Manthan Manavadaria